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Family Service believes in the benefits of youth sports as a means to teach children values and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. In order to realize the value of youth sport participation, a safe, positive, and fun environment for youth and their families must be created and maintained.

The goal of the “Good Sports!” program is to provide an opportunity for parents to learn how to make the most out of their child’s experience and to avoid many common problems associated with youth sports participation.

What is “Good Sports?”

The “Good Sports!” program consists of a 50 minute workshop for parents of children participating in youth sports. The workshop is led by a team of experienced human service professionals and utilizes a variety of educational materials, a brief video presentation, and focused group discussion.

What is covered?

The “Good Sports!” parent program address the following issues:

Philosophy of Youth Sports
Goals of Youth Sports Programs
Role of the Parent
Role of the Coach
Providing Positive Reinforcement
Role Modeling
The Parental “Code of Ethics.”
Discussion of Parent’s Concerns

What is the cost?

The “ Good Sports!” program is provided to sports clubs or leagues for a nominal fee per parent participant. It is recommended that the fee be incorporated into the club or league registration fee.

What other services are available?

The “Good Sports!” staff can provide other programming of interest to coaches and sports administrators including:

Conflict Management
Psychological, Physical, and Social Needs of Children
Critical Incident Debriefing

Our “Good Sports!” staff members are Master’s level licensed social workers who are experienced working with families and children, and are sports parents themselves.

To learn how to incorporate 'Good Sports!' into your youth sports program contact Kurt Walser, Director of Programs and Services at 610.696.4900 or click on the link below.

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